About Us

 Target State for Digital Transformation (TS) is a Cairo-based firm that serves its clientele with a highly-focused portfolio of services across transformation programs. TS has a valuable experience in providing digital solutions and services including Content, Document and Business Process Management. TS assist in automating and streamlining clients’ business processes to help them drive their very own Digital Transformation program, resulting in them achieving improved business profitability and productivity.

Turning Information Chaos into Knowledge Managed

At TS, our experienced team assist clients in leveraging real value from their data and information by providing structure and process, resulting in data and information enrichment. Clients choose us because they know we can help them deliver productivity, increased efficiency, competitiveness, communication and overall, a greater return on investment (ROI).


To become a regional market leader who provides Data and Information Management improvement solutions and services to the clients while upholding core values, reliable services, sustainable relationships and support to the stakeholders and community.


 We strive to provide our clients with cost effective and the best in class solutions to enhance their competitive advantage. We understand and proactively respond to clients’ need by leveraging our years of experience and expertise in improving data and information management aiming to deliver optimum productivity and achieve greater return on investment. By upholding the core values, we value the relationships with our clients, partners and stakeholders.


Ownership: we are accountable when and where we need to be.
Integrity and Transparency: everyone knows everything at all times.
Innovation: we challenge status-quo to perpetually do things better.
Whatever It Takes: we strive to add-value to our clients and partners.

Our Clients

Target State is backed by a strong team of consultants, with extensive and diverse careers in many industries, and is supported by a powerful network of partnerships and alliances.

Our consultants have extensive experience working in many projects for different Enterprises helping in addressing the most complex challenges and opportunities with clarity and confidence.